About Us

Hi my name is Amber and I’m a suburban Texas girl turned country homesteader. I’m married to a great guy who loves animals and I have 2 awesome kids that I homeschool. I’m a self proclaimed “Crazy Chicken Lady” (clearly evident from all the chicken photos you’ll see me post). Growing up in Texas you may assume that meant that I was barrel racing by age 3. You’d be wrong. I grew up in the suburbs 2 feet from my next door neighbor. Now? Well, now I live on 10 acres in a rural community west of Houston. I was excited to move in late 2016 but also very nervous! What in the heck was I going to do with 10 acres? My husband, having grown up on 10 acres in Florida, knew what he wanted and that was always to have land. Me? Not so much! Well, now having lived out here for 3 years, I can safely say that 10 acres isn’t nearly enough. I’m thinking I need more like…..40 acres….and a mule (those of you with a Gone with the Wind obsession will understand that reference). 

I love being out in the “sticks” so to speak. The only downside is I don’t have an H-E-B nearby. My fellow Texans will understand that. For those that don’t, it’s basically the best grocery store ever….although my husband would argue and say that would be Publix. But since I have neither out here, Walmart tends to be my go to unless I want to spend 30 min driving my horse and buggy into town. Just kidding it’s a Toyota Tundra but it’s still a 30 minute drive. 

Having gotten a few chickens back in about 2012-ish that started my chicken obsession. We lived in the suburbs then and now with more space that obsession has gotten a chance to grow. I now have about 100 chickens and yes you guessed it, that’s not nearly enough. So I hope you’ll join me on my homesteading adventure because I plan to explore all I can with homesteading. Right now it’s chickens and selling our pasture raised chicken eggs, but I’ll soon be adding soap making, essential oil remedies, DIY natural alternatives (already made my own laundry detergent) and bug farming – yes that’s right: Bug Farming. We plan to raise crickets, mealworms, dubia roaches etc to sell to people with chickens and reptiles. Stay tuned and thanks for stopping by!

Happy Homesteading!!