Welcome to Cuckoo Farms

Who Are We?

Hello and welcome to Cuckoo Farms. We are a homesteading family of four that loves animals and grew sick and tired of the traditional suburban lifestyle. Growing up in Texas suburb outside of Houston, I loved it and always felt that would be how I always lived. Then I met my husband, Nathan. He was born and raised in Florida. Yep, that’s right….a native Floridian! Total shocker, I know! Obviously you’d assume I was the country girl and he was the “city” boy but in actuality it was quite the opposite. He grew up in a rural area in South Florida on 10 acres doing all the things you’d have thought I did like barrel racing and roping and he loved every minute of it. Strangely enough though, as a kid his family used to visit Texas and he fell in love with Big Bend National Park and all the wilderness they found while traveling the state looking for reptiles to wholesale (long story). When we met while stuck in traffic when I was living in Florida (he’s smooth what can I say) it was quite interesting to find out his love for all things Texas. Needless to say, we were meant to be. After getting pregnant with my second child, we moved back home to Texas. Nathan couldn’t be happier to finally be a Texan. Texas is in his blood now and I kinda think it always was.

Suburbanite to Homesteader

You may be wondering how we started on this homesteading adventure. Well, if I’m completely honest it’s all my husband’s fault. No, really it is! Ok, here’s why. He came home one day and told me that we were going to be getting a couple of chickens. Huh? We live in a suburb, surely that’s not legal. Surprisingly, it is. Actually, across the U.S most cities allow you to have chickens. Let me clarify that, they allow hens NOT roosters….for obvious reasons. We started with just a few chickens and it was love a first sight! But be forewarned! Chickens are just the beginning. It starts with a few chickens and before you know it boom, you’re moving a half hour away to buy 10 acres of land!

Neon yellow store bought egg yolks next to farm fresh orange yolks
The farm fresh eggs are rich and dark orange. Yum!

It started with a few chickens and eventually we worked our way up to five chickens…in a backyard…in a suburb. It was amazing especially the fresh eggs. If you’ve never had farm fresh eggs you truly don’t know what you’re missing? Don’t believe me? Take a look at the difference in color.The neon yellow is from the grocery store eggs. The rich dark yolks come from our chicken eggs. Amazing, right??

We got our chickens in early 2015 and it set us on a new path in life. After buying our first home in late 2016 on 10 acres we’ve only increased our flock, a few more chickens here and there. I didn’t even mean to really it just kinda happened. Honest! After telling a fellow chicken friend of mine that we got about 10 chicks from our local feed store, she tried to make me feel like that wasn’t so crazy by telling me that they had about 70 chicks they’d ordered from a hatchery! Wow! So I proceed to tell my uber competitive husband. His response? “We can beat that!” And so we have. He told me that we could house about 75 total but since I’m terrible at math somehow that ended up being closer to 140 chickens. See, I told you…bad at math. Actually, though, in the chicken community there’s a thing called Chicken Math. Basically it means you end up having/buying more chickens than you think. Recently, saw a post of a chicken group where a woman said she’d been telling people that she had about 60 chickens and then after counting them she realized it was actually closer to 120. See? Chicken Math! There’s even a meme to prove it. Chicken Meme: I really only wanted to have 10 chickens but if God wants me to have 20, then 40 it is

Cuckoo Farms was Born

Where did the name come from you may be wondering. Well, it’s actually a tribute to one our dearest chickens, Cuckoo. She was one of our first and she was definitely the smartest. Cuckoo was a white leghorn and she even laid our only ever double yolk egg. Yikes, that must’ve hurt! My husband even recently told me that part of his motivation for moving out here on land was because of Cuckoo. Isn’t that adorable? About a year or so after we moved out here we found our dear sweet Cuckoo had passed of old age. We were sad but also happy that we could provide her a life of freedom where she could roam free and live her best chicken life! When we decided to really make a go of our homesteading and try to become more self-sustaining we wanted to pay tribute to the chicken that started it all: Cuckoo.

     RIP my sweet girl.         Our White Leghorn, Cuckoo, free ranging   You will truly be missed!

So, What Now?

Well I’m so glad you asked. There was actually a method to our madness when buying a million chicks earlier this year. We purchased specialty breeds that would lay unique colored eggs. About a third of them have started laying and I am literally eggstatic about it!! Look how gorgeous they are!!

We’ve started selling our organic pastured eggs here locally and it’s so amazing to provide such high quality eggs. I love that people love them as much as we do. Chickens aren’t nearly enough for us though. We plan to be as self sustaining as possible. That means we plan to raise our own chickens and pigs for meat. It will be great to know exactly where our meat comes from and know that they were humanely cared for. Soon I also plan to get dairy goats and a miniature jersey cow for milk. Shhh….don’t tell Nathan all that yet. The goats milk will also help with my soap making venture I plan to start. Nothing beats raw milk, it’s so healthy. Nathan developed a lactose intolerance as he got older but guess what, no issues at all with the raw milk. Throughout our adventures we plan to document and help others to achieve their dreams of homesteading. There are so many awesome plans we have for our property to become more self reliant and we hope that you will follow us on our journey!

Happy Homesteading & Stay Cuckoo!